2016/07/27 Orangescrum is an awesome project management and collaboration software that can help you to to manage projects, team and tasks at one place. Say good bye to 2016/09/02 2015/02/15


Compare Orangescrum Cloud versus Cloud Self-Hosted versus Open Source! Measure the variations between the cloud, community and on-premises enterprise version. Gaze through all the features and differences to understand … Orangescrum is a free, open source, flexible project management web application written using CakePHP. Requirements * Apache with `mod_rewrite` * Enable curl in php.ini * Change the 'post_max_size' and `upload_max_filesize` to 200Mb in php.ini * PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 * MySQL 4.1 or higher * If STRICT mode is On, turn it Off. Orangescrum Project Management Software has cloud and open source versions. Here you can check the comparison of different versions of Orangescrum project collaboration tool. My team (Hailstorm-Development) and I LOVE Project Management and Task Management Software. Orangescrum has 3 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. Dismiss Create your own GitHub profile Sign up for your own profile on GitHub, the best place to

Orangescrumは、無料でオープンソースのプロジェクト管理およびコラボレーションアプリケーションであり、中小企業に最適です。 このアプリケーションを使用すると、

Orangescrum has cloud, cloud self-hosted & Open Source Enterprise editions with multiple features like Agile Scrum Project Management, Gantt chart, Time log, Kanban View, Daily Catch-Up, Recurring Tasks, Project& Task Orangescrum Open Sourceは、効果的なプロジェクトおよびタスク管理に向けた最初のステップです. 無料のベースコードをダウンロードして開始し、プラグインを追加して、コラボレーションと生産性を向上させます. OrangeScrum makes your project and task management much easier and user-friendly OrangeScrum - Kanban View Our primary goal is to save … 2020/07/02 OrangeScrum giúp bạn tập trung các nhiệm vụ của dự án để quản lý công việc được thuận lợi hơn, đồng thời phối hợp các nguồn lực khác nhau như con người, quy trình, công nghệ để thực hiện dự án. Phần mềm quản lý dự án OrangeScrum cũng giúp bạn theo dõi thời gian, giám sát các bước khác nhau của dự án


2017/03/21 2017/12/12 OrangeScrum works so well, I almost never see the ticket dashboard. Now that is perfect! Now that is perfect! Cons : As and end user, I have found nothing I …

2019/11/03 2019/01/29 Orangescrumは、無料でオープンソースのプロジェクト管理およびコラボレーションアプリケーションであり、中小企業に最適です。 このアプリケーションを使用すると、

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OrangeScrumは、CakePHPフレームワークを使用してPHPで記述された無料のオープンソースプロジェクト管理およびコラボレーションツールです。 フリーソフトのほかシェアウェアや有料ソフトの体験版などもダウンロードできる。 「Irvine」「DCさくら」「ImageSlider」「Flickr Fast Downloader Orangescrumは、CakePHPで書かれたオープンソースのWebアプリケーションおよびコラボレーションです。プロジェクト、チーム、ドキュメント、タスクを管理し、重要な問題についてチームとやり取りするためのツールはシンプルで使いやすいです。 Scrum master is a career path that open source enthusiasts should consider. Here's what a day in the life of one looks like. Asana connects with tools like Slack, Dropbox, Instagantt, and Google Drive to make tracking your work even easier. See the full list of integrations.